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Milk tea 3in1 Packaging Design

Milk tea 3in1 is a packaging design project aimed at genZ customers, who love high-quality milk tea and love the mobility, freedom, and convenience.

The main idea of packaging involves the travels of young people with each destination representing the typical milk tea flavor: Taiwan – traditional milk tea flavor, Europe – greasy cheese milk tea flavor, Japan – famous matcha milk tea flavor, Hong Kong – typical milk tea flavor on the streets full of city night lights.

Based on that idea, the Reddot team visualized artworks adapted on paper boxes and product sticks, combining youthful; colorful, and harmonious designs to tell the story of milk tea around the world.

The packaging set will include 4 design: traditional milk tea , Cheese milktea, Matcha milktea, Hongkong milktea.

With this package, Reddot Creative hopes that Vietnamese products will have more competitive strength on store shelves with other products from abroad that are invested in brand design.

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